Black and White

by Throw Thermal Pod



I rode my bike around the lake during a few sunsets. The music and melody came to me then. The lyrics are me.


The candle is burning but I still turn on the lights.
I'm searching for original thought.
Things seem a bit unclear when they're black and white.
The newspapers keep me distraught.

Last night I feel asleep as I watched Twin Peaks.
The owls are not what they seem.
I woke up and went to work didn't skip a beat.
Is this routine a buried dream?

All my secrets keep secrets.
All my closet space full.
Deconstruct my agenda and all that's left is another tamed fool.

I love from afar always knowing I'm far from love.
It's so much safer from out looking in.
I'm sleeping alone just to prove to myself I can.
Sometimes the truth isn't what I prefer.

To find the truth don't look too far.
It's on the walls. You know who you are.

To find the truth don't look too far
it's written on the walls
You know who you are.


released December 12, 2012
Tom Keiger; garageband.



all rights reserved


Throw Thermal Pod Durham, North Carolina

We're all searching for a simple solution to a perpetual question. I revel in small excitements and have useful skills for tangible situations. As long as you are aware you are alive.

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